Today, I saw a man infected with rage.
Shaking his fists with furrowed brow
Belying his cry of war.

Today, I taught my children peace.
In war, there are no victors.
Anger spreads only the disease of hatred.

Today, I heard a child curse.
Racial slurs and innuendo
Tarnishing a young mind.

Today, I taught my children respect.
There are so many ways to wrap a present,
But no matter what, they all are gifts.

Today, I saw faiths mock one another.
You’re wrong and we’re right,
Each said, one to the other.

Today, I taught my children to care.
No matter who is right, my darlings,
With love, you will never fail.

Today, I saw the depth of despair
Alone in the street, with nothing to eat,
While people passed, unaffected.

Today, I taught my children hope.
Hope for change, hope for the best,
Hope to be strong, and hope to rise.

Today, I heard touting in arrogance.
Bravado, braggadocio, and brass,
Superficial, scornful swagger.

Today, I taught my children humility.
Sometimes the strongest remain unknown.
While the greatest among us will serve.

Today, I saw a world in turmoil.
Every woman and man for themselves,
Stirring the chaotic downward spiral.

Today, I will ignore the world.
Today, I will make a difference.
Today, I will make a gift to the world.

Today will become tomorrow,
While tomorrow will become better,
For today, I have taught my children.