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Two Days Out.


48 hours from now, I’ll be in a rental car, family in tow, all our possessions for four months crammed into a handful of 40-pound suitcases, headed for Seattle, where we’ll board a plane headed for the land of Vikings and hot springs.

Today, we’re finishing packing, moving the rest of our lives into our 10×20 storage unit, and filling up the empty spaces with all the uncertainty that will fit. Continue reading “Two Days Out.”

Comparing Prep to Anticipation

  • Jack-hammering concrete.
  • Digging three-foot holes in basement dirt.
  • Hauling 50-lb buckets of dirt & rock up a flight of stairs x 100+.
  • Plumbing sewage drains.
  • Framing.
  • Plumbing water supplies.
  • Refilling trenches, mixing & pouring/finishing concrete.
  • Wiring.
  • Insulation.
  • Painting house exterior.
  • Painting house interior.
  • Packing.
  • Moving all personal belongings into storage unit.
  • Prepping internet classes.
  • Prepping shipboard classes.
  • Marketing a new book.
  • Performing a book reading.
  • Filming, producing, and editing new videos.
  • Editing clients’ dissertations and books.
  • Booking flights, hotels, and tours.

Continue reading “Comparing Prep to Anticipation”

Planning Stages, Pt. 1

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve purchased a buttload of airline tickets: first, from Seattle to Reykjavik; second, from Reykjavik to Bergen; third, from Bergan to Krakow; and fourth, from Krakow to Berlin. Then, I added train tickets from Berlin to Bremerhaven, which completed our pre-embarkation travel. Continue reading “Planning Stages, Pt. 1”

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Sometimes More than a Clichè

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August 2003: It was my third semester of college as an undergrad, and I was starting at a new college. My first class was a speech class at 7-bloody-30 in the freaking morning on a Tuesday. Regardless, as I attempted to be a good student, I showed up early. Problem was, even at 15 minutes early, I was still the only one there.

If any of you vaguely recall 2003, you might remember that, back then, cell phones had one or two main functions: calling and texting. Sure, some came with simple games or ludicrously slow access to the internet, but those were only for the uber-wealthy, and that was most certainly not a group of which I was a member. Continue reading “Opportunity of a Lifetime: Sometimes More than a Clichè”

Now Available! Put the F**king Phone Down: Life. Can’t. Wait.

The Greatest Picture I Never Took

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On the eve before my youngest son’s first day of second grade at a new school, I spent the better part of an hour cuddled up next to him before bed, listening to him as he discussed his fears and worries with me, including everything from getting lost, to having a mean teacher, to dealing with playground bullies and worrying about whether the kids at the new school would accept him or not. Continue reading “The Greatest Picture I Never Took”

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