The Dadly Way: 10 Steps to More Active Fatherhood & Equal Parenting
Motivational Press, Sep. 2015

The Dadly Way provides a pathway for fathers to earn their place as parenting equals, committed to being mindfully present for their children and an integral part of tomorrow’s memories.
Dadly Way Cover Photo
It is time for fathers to become more mindful in our approach to families, so that we might carve out the best possible future for our children, as well as their children. To do so, we must parent with presence, on purpose, today. From dealing with the harmful effects of the ego, to calling for an end to the parenting wars, from learning how fatherhood has evolved, to knowing where it is heading, and from learning to listen deeply, to becoming more mindful parents, The Dadly Way provides a meaningful look at modern fatherhood.

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Coming Soon:

Seeing Again For the First Time:
Mindfulness in the Age of Distraction

Seeing Again For the First Time will help people understand the impact that working and living in the Age of Distraction has upon their relationships, from family, to friends, to loved ones, and among their peers at work. In addition, this book will show readers how they can nurture mindfulness in their daily lives using simple, brief activities that readers of any skill level can understand and incorporate, but it will also demonstrate how developing an increased sense of mindfulness will teach the following aspects of interaction:

  • Nonverbal communication awareness, both in self and others
  • Intercultural sensitivity and empathy
  • Generative interpersonal interactions through gratitude and presence
  • Authentic public speaking that memorably connects with audiences
  • Restoring relationships through forgiveness-seeking
  • Demonstrating servant leadership through deep listening