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Tasting Time: Savoring the Moment – While my children’s firsts are moments to be celebrated, it is the lasts that must be savored.

“Taking a holiday from technology” – The point behind all of these activities is to disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect not only with all of our senses, but also with the people around us who matter.

“Someone My Son Can Believe In” – …through my presence, I can become someone my son can believe in. Perhaps then, I can learn to believe in myself.

“To the Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter” – Forgiveness is a gift of love, an act of beauty that benefits not only the person being asked by way of reconciliation, but also the person requesting it, by way of redemption.

“Father-Son Duo, Team Hoyt, Celebrates 37 Years of Inspiring Teamwork With One Last Boston Marathon” – Dick and Rick Hoyt, you have inspired a new generation of fatherhood. Let us never forget your example, and let us always watch for ways where we, too, can make sacrifices for our children; to show our love for our families by example, in at least a fraction of the magnificence you have shown us over the years.

“Facing My Blind Spot: A Story of Becoming Self-Aware” – I did this in an effort to teach my children humility through example, to show them that it is possible to hear others’ critique, absorb it, and then actually do something to change that which necessitates change out of a spirit moved by love.


“Cultivating Mindfulness: Living and Loving Like a Child” – We needn’t travel to far-off places like Hawaii or Australia to catch a glimpse of something that will take our breath away in awe and wonder at the beauty of the moment. Such moments are waiting for us at home.