How much of our lives are we willing to hand over to entities bent on controlling what we look at, what we hear, and what we see?

According to the NY Post, we Americans devote an average of 42% of our waking existence to staring at a screen.

That’s not okay. I’m not okay. Enough is enough.

I’m not okay knowing that nearly half my life has passed by unnoticed.

I’m not okay missing opportunities while stuck in a loop of endless scrolling.

I’m not okay being a slave to a screen, my attention wandering aimlessly from one notification to the next.

I’m not okay filling my mind with mediocrity.

I’m not okay sacrificing the quality and depth of my relationships at the altar of FOMO.

I’m not okay handing over control of my life.

I’m not okay losing control over my attention span.

I’m not okay becoming the new walking dead.

Because I am not okay, I have resolved that enough is fucking enough.

It’s time we take back control.

It’s time we free ourselves from the bondage of a tiny screen.

It’s time we savor the wonder of this astonishing existence.

It’s time we notice and seize every opportunity.

It’s time we educate, innovate, and motivate.

It’s time we invest more in face time and less in FaceTime.*

It’s about fucking time we look up.

* Sorry, Apple. You know I love you.