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Semester at Sea

Planning Stages, Pt. 1

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve purchased a buttload of airline tickets: first, from Seattle to Reykjavik; second, from Reykjavik to Bergen; third, from Bergan to Krakow; and fourth, from Krakow to Berlin. Then, I added train tickets from Berlin to Bremerhaven, which completed our pre-embarkation travel. Continue reading “Planning Stages, Pt. 1”

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Sometimes More than a Clichè

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August 2003: It was my third semester of college as an undergrad, and I was starting at a new college. My first class was a speech class at 7-bloody-30 in the freaking morning on a Tuesday. Regardless, as I attempted to be a good student, I showed up early. Problem was, even at 15 minutes early, I was still the only one there.

If any of you vaguely recall 2003, you might remember that, back then, cell phones had one or two main functions: calling and texting. Sure, some came with simple games or ludicrously slow access to the internet, but those were only for the uber-wealthy, and that was most certainly not a group of which I was a member. Continue reading “Opportunity of a Lifetime: Sometimes More than a Clichè”

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