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Most of us probably assume The Walking Dead is a work of fiction, but after observing other drivers, people aimlessly wandering a shopping mall, or even our own teenage children, we inevitably arrive at a terrifying conclusion…

The undead are here, and as much as most of us would hate to admit it, they are us and we are them.

Put the F**king Phone Down is a book for people who are fed up with seeing other people (and likely themselves) acting like zombies who mindlessly stare at miniature screens while life passes by unnoticed. It’s time for us all to learn how those expensive yet surprisingly fragile electronic devices in our pockets reel us in, hook us, and devour the entirety of our attention spans before we realize what’s happened.

More importantly, it is the imperative of modern life to learn how to take control over how we use the time we’re given and savor the moments unfolding all around us before those opportunities pass for good.

Unlike many other books on mindfulness, Put the F**king Phone Down (PTFPD) is not written with the intention of discovering one’s inner Zen master, nor will it help anybody attain ultimate enlightenment.

Instead, it presents a no-nonsense, research-based approach to mindfulness written for people who balk at the typical self-help book and also enjoy a well-placed F-bomb.

Packed with practical activities designed to increase self-awareness and teach readers how to actively prolong the act of savoring the moment, this book uses humorous and highly relatable stories to explain how and why technology addictions affect so many of us.

The goal of PTFPD is to help readers achieve greater balance by helping them learn to both accommodate an innate craving to connect with others via technology as well as satisfy our need to live more present-focused lives by nurturing our most important flesh-and-blood relationships.

Unlike The Walking Dead, readers don’t need to partake of actual flesh and blood to do so.

They simply need to put their f**king phones down and start living.

Coming soon, so stay tuned!