A “post-poem” for my children…

Let it be me


When you find a roly-poly under a rock, whose feet tickle the palms of your hands and make you squeal with delight, and your excitement to show another living soul simply cannot be contained a second longer…

Let it be me.

Not a dad who is too busy.
Not a dad who has one more email to answer.
Not a dad with the uninterruptible daily routine.

When your math homework gives you a headache so bad that it makes you want to break your #2 pencil in two, wad up your homework sheet, and throw it across the room, and you need someone to talk you down…

Let it be me.

Not a man who doesn’t know the first thing about Euclidean proofs.
Not a man who lacks just enough compassion to realize that struggling only does so much good.
Not a man with the missing satellite remote and an insufferable commercial break.

When your boyfriend does something so unspeakable that it shatters your faith in love or your girlfriend rips out your soul, leaving you an empty shell, but in either case, all you need is a set of familiar arms to hold you, rock you back & forth, and remind you that life can & will go on…

Let it be me.

Not a father who has let life harden him to the core.
Not a father who has suffered and wants others to suffer, too.
Not a father harboring jealousy for your trusting nature.

When the world comes shouting, berating, minimizing, and scolding, beating back your will with subjugating castigation to the point where you no longer believe in the power of your dreams, and all you want is someone to make you feel meaningful again…

Let it be me.

Not someone who never recovered from burnout.
Not someone who was never told it couldn’t be done.
Not someone who couldn’t stare the world back when it did the same to him.

Whatever it is you need from life, my loves…


Let it be me.